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Forever Summer

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Forever Summer - Episode 1

Between slinging java and catchin' waves, the members of Rip Kurl like to rock out! But when a new guy rolls into town and demands an audition, he's got everyone shaking in their sandals. Does this biker bro from the city have what it takes to become their new lead guitarist?

Forever Summer - Episode 2

"Return to Sender" - The gang gets caught up in the magic of Valentine’s Day as a mysterious love note makes the rounds!

Forever Summer - Episode 3

"Secret Agent Man" - Trouble arises when a big-wig music executive wants to put his own spin on Rip Kurl's signature sound. Will the gang risk losing Buzz for a shot at the big time?

Forever Summer - Episode 4 (Series Finale)

"Leader of the Pack" - The gang feels betrayed when Briggs reveals a big secret. Can they recover from their shock and learn to like him all over again? Are friends really friends forever? Say goodbye to the gang with this very special series finale.

Forever Summer - A Word from Ellen Warkle

Ellen Warkle, creator of Forever Summer, talks about the lost episode.

Forever Summer - Episode 5 (Lost Episode)

When a typhoon forces the gang into close quarters, they take a stroll down memory lane and recall some radd timez in Sick Grindz. Network executives originally put this episode on the chopping block, but now we're unearthing it for your enjoyment!
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